Astera AX3 Lightdrop

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Astera AX3 Lightdrop er et ekstremt kompakt trådløst LED-lys med batteritid på op til 20 timer, IP 65 vandtæt design, appstyring og trådløs DMX. Det kan bruges som oplys, hængende eller stående eller inde i gennemsigte plastik objekter.

Gummifødder og gummidæksel til opladningstilslutning, 3 kroge til trådmontering, ophæng til monteringsbeslag, 30 ° og 120 ° diffusorlinser og oplader er inkluderet.

2.166,00 DKK

Wireless LED Lightdrop - High Brightness in a Small Package


Astera AX3 Lightdrop has 13° beam angle and total LED power of 15 W. The IP 65 waterproof design gives the opportunity to use the device both indoors and outdoors. While running on battery, the light adjusts its output to meet the required minimum runtime. This can be set up in AsteraApp to 1 – 20 hrs.

AX3 Lightdrop has a built-in magnet and can be therefore easily attached to magnetic surfaces and trusses. The light can be hanged by the 3 hooks included in package or mounted using the bracket. You can use additional accessories such as AX3 Clamp for more mounting options.


The light can be controlled in various way: by ARC1 remote control, through AsteraApp or CRMX wireless DMX transmitter.

Yderligere information
Luminous Flux:390 lm (6500°K)
Illuminance:1.300 Lux @ 2 meter (6500°K)
Beam Angle:13°
Controlable range:300 meter
Optional accessories:17°x46° Wallwash Diffuser Lenses, Diffuser Dome, Truss mount, Charging Case.
Battery type:Rechargeable Samsung
Included accessories:Charger, 30° and 120° Diffuser Lenses, 3 hooks for wire mounting, hanger for mounting bracket, rubberfeets, and cover for charging connection.
Runtime per charge:20 hours
DMX Interface:CRMX Wireless DMX from Lumen Radio also supports W-DMX / Wireless DMX with Astera Wireless DMX Transmitter ART3
Dimensions:L117mm x H59mm x B108mm.
Power / Charging Connectors:DC
Wireless Frequency:868MHz
Total LED Power:15W